Spamalot – last of the Reviews

The last of the reviews from Sunderland for Spamalot:

Steven Pacey holds the show together as King Arthur, with a fine voice and the Midas touch of comedy

Helen Brown, The Northern Echo

Steven Pacey is both clown and commander as King Arthur

The Journal
18 April
The Northern Echo Helen Brown not rated
18 April
The Journal not rated

Some Tweets:
And so we bid a fond Farewell to our King Steven Pacey. He shall be missed.
Spamalotontour, 22 April

Great night at Sunderland Empire watching Spamalot. Such a funny show. Steven Pacey, who I remember from Blakes 7, is a great King Arthur.
Clive Warren, 17 April

Steven Pacey, Todd Carty & Bonnie Langford were very strong. Lots of laughter !!
Ian Brown, 10 April

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