2013 BBC Privates
Episodes 1.3 and 1.5 Major Cunnicliffe
2010 Taggart Ends of Justice Clark Donovan
2007; 2010 Doctors Hanging On, A Boy Called Grandad, Frozen (2010); Possessed (2007) Paul Foster
2010 Foyle’s War
The Hide, Series 6 Michael Harrison
2008 ITV Wallander
One Step Behind
Season 1, Episode 3
2008 Granada Distant Shores Series, Episodes 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 Martin
2005 BBC Spooks
Episode 4.3 Peregrine Howell-Davis MP
2003 Thames TV Murder Investigation Team
Series; The Bigger the Lie, Models and Millionaires, Lambs to the Slaughter, Red Heads, Reading, Writing and Gangbanging, Rubbish, Daddy’s Little Girl, Moving Targets DCI Malcolm Savage
2003 Heartbeat Caped Crusaders James Bexley
2002 Jeffrey Archer – The Truth (TV Movie) Tony Blair
2002 BBC Murder in Mind Disposal Alex Cunningham
1996 BBC Pie in the Sky Breaking Bread Geoff Reece
1994 Law and Disorder Safe as Houses Peter Sheriff
1991 Never the Twain Born Again Brother Damian
1985 – 1986 ITV Troubles and Strife A Lot of Bottle, A Change of Heart, Unlocking the Door Rev Clifford James
1986 BBC Lovejoy Death in Venice Parts 1 and 2 (two episodes) Keith
1982 The New Adventures of Lucky Jim The Big Smoke Kevin
1980 & 1981 BBC Blake’s 7
Series 3

Series 4
Series 3 and 4
(26 episodes)
Del Tarrant, Deeta Tarrant
1981 BBC Goodbye Darling Anne Douglas Cowper
1979 Leave Him to Heaven (TV Movie) Joe
1978 ITV Parables A Gentle Rain Julian Vernon
1977 ITV Just William
William: The Great Actor Hooper
1976 The Sweeney Loving Arms PC McKenna
1976 ITV Red Letter Day
Matchfit Brian
1975; 1976 The Cuckoo Waltz
Series 1

Series 2
The Model, Series 1 (1976)

The Anniversary, Series 2 (1975)

Club Reporter (1976)

Ricky Watson (1975)

1975 Granada WhoDunnit
Series 3, Episode 2
Final Drive
Roger Goodwin
1975 BBC A Legacy Series 1, Episode 1 Prefect
1974 And Mother Makes Five Bridging the Gap Ian
ITV The Purple Twilight
LWT Nothing but the Truth (The Jill Dando Case)
ITV Five to Eleven
ITV The Cedar Tree

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