A complete list of books available to download (excludes those on Audio CD or Audio Cassette at this stage).

on audio
Ian MCEWAN The Innocent at The Innocent
Alistair MACLEAN The Guns of Navarone at The Guns of Navarone
Andy MCNAB Liberation Day at Liberation Day, Nick Stone: Book 5
Dark Winter at Dark Winter, Nick Stone: Book 6
Deep Black at Deep Black, Nick Stone: Book 7
Aggressor at Aggressor, Nick Stone: Book 8
Recoil at Recoil, Nick Stone: Book 9
Crossfire at Crossfire, Nick Stone: Book 10
Antoinette MOSES Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life at Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life
Chris NICKSON Broken Token The Broken Token 28 September, 2012 Creative Content Ltd
James PATTERSON Bloody Valentine at Bloody Valentine Random House Audio Books
Philip PROWSE at Double Cross Cambridge University Press
Ian RANKIN Blood Hunt at Blood Hunt Orion Publishing Group 20 May 2011
Bleeding Hearts at Bleeding Hearts Orion Publishing Group 20 May 2011
Matthew REILLY Area 7 at Area 7
Scarecrow at Scarecrow
Contest at Contest
Ice Station at Ice Station
Temple at Temple
Justin RICHARDS The Death Collector at The Death Collector
Chris RYAN Land of Fire at Land of Fire
Robert RYAN Death on the Ice at Death on the Ice
The Blue Noon at The Blue Noon
Dying Day at Dying Day
After Midnight at After Midnight
Night Crossing at Night Crossing
Simon SCARROW The Legion at The Legion
The Centurion at The Centurion
The Gladiator at The Gladiator
Tom Rob SMITH Child 44 at Child 44
Wilbur SMITH The Dark of the Sun at The Dark of the Sun
Wild Justice at Wild Justice
The Sunbird at The Sunbird
Laurence STERNE Tristram Shandy Tristram Shandy Penguin Classics 25 October 2012
Brian TOMLINSON Superbird at Superbird
Rose TREMAIN The Road Home at The Road Home
Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment Orion Publishing Group 17 January, 2013

You Will Never Find Me
You Will Never Find Me Orion Publishing Group 13 February, 2014

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  • Janet Crawford says:

    Have just finished listening to ‘The Road Home’ by Rose Tremain, narrated by Steven Pacey. I have listened to literally 100’s of audio books over the years, but have never felt inspired to comment on the narrator. I really just wanted to say how much Steven Pacey brought this story alive – I felt I actually WAS the hero. In particular I was amazed at how seamlessly and convincingly Mr Pacey slipped between the voices and accents of the many different characters. In fact I only noticed this about three quarters of the way through because I was so lost in the world of the people so vividly depicted. Can’t imagine how narrating could get better than this.

  • admin says:

    Hi Simon,
    Steven’s body of work on audio is enormous! We are perennially short on resources here at the website, so we made a descision to start the audiobook list with the titles available on audio download. We’ll add Nick Hornby and the plethora of other titles in time.

    Thanks for adding your praise for “The First Law” series … we certainly agree here!

  • Simon D says:

    I had already come across Steven in his co-reading of Nick Hornby’s ‘A Long Way Down’ (which I couldn’t see listed on this site!) which was a good performance, especially since half the time he was reading an American character. I am now nearing the end of ‘The Blade Itself’, my second, and most definitely not the last time I’m sure, experience of Steven’s work, and I’m absolutely in awe of his talents. His ability to interpret dialogue, together with his obvious acting talent, and not to mention his masterful switching of dialects, has given me one of the most enjoyable audibook experiences I have ever had. It is commonly thought that any half decent actor can read an audiobook, but in my humble experience, in order to be a good audiobook reader, there has to be a certain subtlety, knowing how to balance all the characters. Stage and screen actors generally only have to play one character, (unless you happen to be Alec Guiness!) and to do this, you may have to try to get inside the head of that character. An audiobook reader has to try to interpret all the characters, and somehow make them all balance. The trap many famous actors who turn their had to audibooks, fall in to, is to constantly over act, which can become tiresome in a 10 – 30 hour novel. Steven gets the balance absolutely right. Please read some more Fantasy fiction Steven…smiles

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