A complete list of books available to download (excludes those on Audio CD or Audio Cassette at this stage).

on audio
Joe ABERCROMBIE The Blade Itself at The Blade Itself, The First Law:
Book 1
Orion Publishing Group 3 June 2010
Before They Are Hanged at Before They Are Hanged, The First Law: Book 2 Orion Publishing Group 3 June 2010
Last Argument of Kings at Last Argument of Kings, The First Law: Book 1 Orion Publishing Group 3 June 2010
Best Served Cold Best Served Cold Orion Publishing Group 19 August 2010
The Heroes The Heroes Orion Publishing Group 25 February 2011
Red Country Red Country Orion Publishing Group 18 October 2012
Jussi ADLER-OLSEN Mercy Mercy Penguin Books Ltd 21 June 2012
Disgrace Disgrace Penguin Books Ltd 21 June 2012
Redemption Redemption Penguin Books Ltd 18 July 2013
Guilt Guilt Penguin Books Ltd 27 February 2014
Kingsley AMIS The Green Man at The Green Man   August 2001
Martin AMIS Money at Money    
London Fields at London Fields    
Time's Arrow at Time’s Arrow    
The Pregnant Widow at The Pregnant Widow    
The Information at The Information    
JG BALLARD Empire of the Sun Empire of the Sun Rushforth Media 9 September, 2014
Kindness of Women The Kindness of Women Rushforth Media 7 October, 2014
Miracles of Life Miracles of Life Rushforth Media 14 October, 2014
Julian BARNES Talking it Over at Talking It Over    
Love, etc at Love, etc    
Emma BLAIR Wild Strawberries at Wild Strawberries    
Robert and Elizabeth Barrett BROWNING Best Loved Poems at Best Loved Poems
How Do I Love Thee at How Do I Love Thee: Their Story and Poetry
Wilkie COLLINS The Moonstone at The Moonstone
Copyright Group 11 July 2012
for Digital Download
Alan DREW Gardens of Water at Gardens of Water    
Sam EASTLAND Eye of the Red Tsar at Eye of the Red Tsar AudioGo Ltd December, 2010

The Red Coffin
The Red Coffin AudioGo Ltd February 2012
Siberian Red Siberian Red AudioGo Ltd May 2012
The Red Moth The Red Moth AudioGo Ltd February 2013
Clare FRANCIS Homeland at Homeland    
Red Crystal at Red Crystal    
Patrick GALE Notes from an Exhibiiton at Notes from an Exhibition    
Thomas HARDY Return of the Native Return of the Native Penguin Classics 30 August, 2012
Jeremy HARMER Trumpet Voluntary at Trumpet Voluntary    
Joanne HARRIS Gentlemen and Players at Gentlemen and Players    
Sleep, Pale Sister at Sleep, Pale Sister    
Robert HARRIS Pompeii at Pompeii    
W F HARVEY GhostlyTerror at The Beast with Five Fingers (as part of the Ghostly Terror! anthology) AudioGO 17 October 2011
James HERBERT The Rats The Rats Pan Macmillan May 2007
Lair Lair Pan Macmillan May 2007
Domain Domain Pan Macmillan May 2007
The Secret of Crickley Hall The Secret of Crickley Hall Pan Macmillan May 2007
Ash Ash AudioGo September 2012
Haunted Haunted Audible Ltd 27 August 2013
Ghosts of Sleath The Ghosts of Sleath Audible Ltd 10 September 2013
Susan HILL The Various Haunts of Men at The Various Haunts of Men AudioGO Ltd 16 January, 2006
The Pure of Heart at The Pure in Heart AudioGO Ltd 7 April, 2006
The Risk of Darkenss at The Risk of Darkness AudioGO Ltd 11 July, 2007
The Vows of Silence at The Vows of Silence AudioGO Ltd 4 May, 2009
The Shadows in the Street at Shadows in the Street AudioGO Ltd 1 November, 2010
The Betrayal of Trust The Betrayal of Trust AudioGO Ltd 26 January, 2012
A Question of Identity A Question of Identity AudioGO Ltd 25 October, 2012
A Breach of Security A Breach of Security AudioGO Ltd 16 Septemberber, 2014
The Soul of Discretion The Soul of Discretion AudioGO Ltd 2 October, 2014
C S LEWIS Out of the Silent Planet at Out of the Silent Planet    
Perelandra at Perelandra    
That Hideous Strength at That Hideous Strength    
John Ajvide LINDQVIST Let the Right One In Let the Right One In Quercus Publishing PLC 29 October 2010
Handling the Undead Handling the Undead Quercus Publishing PLC 2 July 2012

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