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Steven Pacey was involved in the Story Teller series between 1983 and 1985.

Story Teller 21

The original Story Teller was released as a fortnightly part-work. The stories were accompanied by lavish colour artwork magazine. Each issue of Story Teller came with a cover-mounted cassette tape containing a reading of the stories, complete with music and sound effects.

Each magazine contained a selection of children’s stories, traditional folk tales, classic children’s tales and some contemporary works written especially for the series.

Two distinguishing features of the audio cassettes were the Story Teller jingle that introduced and ended each tape and the characteristic “ping” that sounded when the time came to turn the pages to encourage children to read along. Longer stories were split over multiple issues to encourage parents to buy the next issue.

The original collection was 26 issues long with each tape lasting up to 45 minutes. An exception was issue 26, which was 90 minutes long because it also contained the special preview issue for Story Teller 2, which immediately followed the original series.

Three Christmas specials were also published. Released annually along with each series, the Christmas Story Tellers featured festive stories and even songs.

The series is now highly collectable.

Summarised from Wikipedia and the Story Teller Website

Since videos are available of many of the stories and songs featuring Steven, each Story Teller series in which he featured is listed as a separate page to enable faster loading in your browser.

Story Teller 1
December 1982 and throughout 1983
Story Teller 2
Christmas Special 3
Christmas 1985

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