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There are 6 Comments to "CONTACT"

  • admin says:

    Hi Steve,
    Good news! So many Abercrombie fans loved Steven’s versions of the books, that due to popular demand, Orion recently had Steven read “Best Served Cold” (released at the end of last year through and “The Heroes” (Steven was reading it in early December, and already released, again through

    These editions will only be available in the UK, unfortunately.

  • Steve Winsor says:

    Anyone know why Mr. Pacey isn’t narrating the Joe Abercrombie books anymore? I can’t stand the person who did Best Served Cold, and Ill I can ever hear (in my head) when I reread the books is Mr. Pacey’s voice doing the characters!

  • admin says:

    Thanks so much for the heads up! I have added a page about the episode on this website. Have also ordered a copy for our archives!

  • Ian McLachlan says:

    You might be interested to know that one of Stephen’s early TV appearances has now been released on DVD. Network have released the series Red Letter Day as an exclusive website DVD. Steven appears in one of the episodes – Match Fit. He stars alongside Roddy McMillan in a play about a football manager who ends up in a TB sanatorium and meets Steven’s character who is also in there. It is all on film and is very involving even for someone like me who has no great interest in football. Steven has some narration to speak so it is not surprising that he has done so many audio books in recent years. Both Roddy and Steven are excellent in this play.

  • admin says:

    Hi Rob, It would be great, wouldn’t it. I’ll forward to Robert’s publisher.

  • rob jenkins says:

    I am greatly enjoying Steven Paceys narration in various Martin Amis audiobooks. Brilliant comic timing and use of accent, I’m hooked. Could I ask though that my dream pairing of Robert Rankin and Steven be considered for an audio book production? Steven’s acting chops and Rankin’s writing would be manna from heaven to his very loyal fan base (if you record it they will come, or at least pay). Please consider.


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