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Reacher Said Nothing – written by Andy Martin


Publisher’s Summary


On September 1, 1994, Lee Child went out to buy the paper to start writing his first novel – in pencil. The result was Killing Floor, which introduced his hero Jack Reacher. Twenty years later, on September 1, 2014, he began writing Make Me, the 20th novel in his number-one best-selling Reacher series. Same day, same writer, same hero.

The difference, this time, was that he had someone looking over his shoulder. Andy Martin, uber Reacher fan, Cambridge academic, expert on existentialism and dedicated surfer, sat behind Lee Child in his office and watched him as he wrote. While Lee was writing his Reacher book, Andy was writing about the making of Make Me.

Reacher Said Nothing is a book about a guy writing a book. An instant metabook. It crosses genres by bringing a high-level critical approach to a popular text and gives a fascinating insight into the art of writing a thriller, showing the process in real time. It may well be the first of its kind.

[Spoiler alert: if you haven’t read Make Me yet, this book contains spoilers.]

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