Liberator Chronicles 9 Reviews

Liberator Chronicles 9

Reviews of Liberator Chronicles 9, from Big Finish are popping up around the Internet. Here’s a collection of them:

“The voice acting by Steven Pacey and Tony Chadbon was outstanding.”

Ian Cullen, Sci-Fi Pulse

“… script is narrated by Steven Pacey’s Tarrant, and the actor’s long experience of audiobook reading comes in handy here, as he provides voices for a number of other characters along the way – including a dealer who brings back memories of The Phantom Menace!”

Paul Simpson, Sci-Fi Bulletin

“The narration is carried chiefly by Steven Pacey, and his dialogue scenes with Tom Chadbon flow naturally; the two actors are great together.”

Jackie Emery, Horizon – The Official Blake’s 7 Fan Club
1 September, 2014 Starburst Magazine Tony Jones 8/10
30 August, 2014 Sci-Fi Pulse
(Review of Defector only)
Ian Cullen 9.8/10
20 August, 2014 Third Eye Cinema
(Review of Defector only)
not rated
16 August, 2014 Horizon – The Official Blake’s 7 Fan Club Jackie Emery not rated
nd Sci-Fi Bulletin
(Review of Defector only)
Paul Simpson 8/10

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