Steven Pacey should read everything!

Just had to share this BLOG post from author, Laurian Smith, titled Steven Pacey Versus My Book Dysfunction:

I do have a trend when deciding what to read versus to what I will listen, however: I will read non fiction 90% of the time. With fiction, I like reading larger tomes myself, whereas, I enjoy listening to shorter books. Another factor is the narrator. One of my faves is Steven Pacey. Were I wealthy enough, he would read everything to me at my behest.
“Mr. Pacey, would you be so kind as to read the morning paper to me, sir?” I would say.
Or, “Mr. Pacey, would you please read my utility bill aloud?”
He would, of course, answer in the affirmative and I would continue to happily pay him his due.

The moral of the story: Between Steven Pacey reading things to me and reading a good-smelling book slowly, Steven wins hands down, I guess.

Laurian Smith, 25 August, 2014. Entire post.

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