Dark Souls II

The long awaited sequel to Dark Souls, Dark Souls II was finally released in March 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and April 2014 for Microsoft Windows. Gamers will already know that this role-playing, hack and slash game was universally acclaimed on its release. Reviews for Dark Souls II have praised its difficulty, atmosphere, and visuals.

What you may not know is that Steven Pacey voices the Rat King!
Rat King

A most noble being. Detests humankind and sees them as nothing but lying vermin. Long ago, an agreement was reached between humans and rats. Humanity was given dominion over the land above, and anything the light didn’t touch was deemed the rats’ domain. For a time, there was peace. However, as time went on humans lost sight of what really mattered, and their insatiable greed eventually led to bigger and grander explorations underground, causing many an innocent rat to die in the process. The King is determined to exact revenge on his foes in the overworld for betraying his trust and defiling the rats’ sacred ground.


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