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Patricia Hodge (Felicity, Countess of Marshwood), Steven Pacey (Peter Ingleton), Ben Mansfield (Don Lucas), Leigh Zimmerman (Miranda Frayle) and Sam Hoare (Nigel, Earl of Marshwood). Photograph © Jane Hobson.

Press night was 14 April for Relative Values. Here are the reviews so far:

Professional Reviews

“Steven Pacey is equally perfectly cast as the Countess’ nephew, bringing a playful, camp vibe to the character that never fails to raise a smile.”

Dom Ellis, SoSoGay Magazine

“Patricia Hodge is on fine form as the Countess, and is well complemented by Steven Pacey as her nephew and co-conspirator; Pacey showed a couple of years ago in Charley’s Aunt that he has a talent for playing well-to-do gents who have entered middle age without slowing down or acquiring grace and poise, and his Hon. Peter is cut from the same cloth.”

Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

“Steven Pacey ingeniously finds a gay subtext in the underwritten character of the countess’s nephew”

Michael Billington, The Guardian

“… delightful supporting performances from Steven Pacey as a deliciously camp friend of the family”

Charles Spencer, The Telegraph

“… some nice turns coming from Steven Pacey as a gay nephew”

David Phipps-Davis, What’s On Stage

“What could easily become just a vehicle for Hodge’s brilliance reinvents itself as a true ensemble piece, and even Steven Pacey (in the thankless role of the Countess’s nephew) stakes his claim.”

Alexandra Coghlan, The Arts Desk

“Steven Pacey plays an amused observer with a Puckish feyness that may not be in the text.”

Gerald Berkowitz, Cheap Theatre Tickets

“Extra credit must go to Steven Pacey as Peter.”

Charlie Ward, Cheap Theatre Tickets
15 April The Telegraph Charles Spencer ****
15 April Financial Times Ian Shuttleworth ***
15 April The Stage Ben Dowell not rated
15 April The Guardian Michael Billington ***
15 April What’s On Stage David Phipps-Davis ****
15 April Time Out London Andrzej Lukowski **
15 April London Theatre Guide Mark Shenton **
15 April BBC News: Entertainment and Arts not rated
16 April The Times
(subscription only)
Kate Bassett ****
16 April West End Frame Andrew Tomlins ****
16 April Cheap Theatre Tickets Charlie Ward not rated
17 April SoSoGay Magazine Dom Ellis ****
18 April The Arts Desk Alexandra Coghlan not rated
20 April London Evening Standard Fiona Mountford ***
20 April London Evening Standard Fiona Mountford ***
not dated Theatre Guide London Gerald Berkowitz ***
not dated Exeunt Magazine Neil Dowden ***

Amateur Reviews

“Steven Pacey’s effete, Woosterish Peter, who steals many scenes with a raised eyebrow or arch comment.”

Scott Matthewman, The Public Reviews

“Special mentions have to be given to the performances from Zimmerman (Miranda), Quentin (Moxie) and Stephen [sic] Pacey (Felicity’s amusing nephew Peter)”

Nutleyone BLOG

“Steven Pacey adds to the jollity flitting about the stage as Peter, Felicity’s perkily flippant nephew, he’s especially hilarious when he develops a crush on the second movie star to turn up.”

Phil, West End Whinger’s BLOG

“Her partner in crime is her nephew the Honourable Peter Ingleton who brings a gay lightness to the playful character. Steven Pacey as Peter is very amusing in his efforts to ensnare an unsuspecting Don Lucas, the very attractive yet dim actor in what turns out to be something of a love square.”

Amina Bhuiyan, A Younger Theatre

“Steven Pacey has a particular take on the role of the Countess’ nephew and carries it through with real charm.”

Owen Davies, Plays to See
31 March West End Whingers Phil ****
10 April nutleyone ***
15 April Reviews Gate Carole Woddis not rated
16 April Plays to See Owen Davies ****
18 April A Younger Theatre Amina Bhuiyan not rated
20 April The Public Reviews Scott Matthewman *** 1/2

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