Boy A Broadcast

Steven Pacey played a small role as the prosecution barrister in Boy A (2007), a masterful, multi-award winning flim starring Andrew Garfield as the eponymous Boy A. It is a powerful film, though confronting at times.

A young man is released from prison after many years and given a new identity in a new town. Aided by a supervisor who becomes like a father to him he finds a job and friends and hesitantly starts a relationship with a compassionate girl. But the secret of the heinous crime he committed as a boy weighs down on him, and he learns that it is not so easy to escape your past.

Summary from Amazon

The film will be braodcast on the US/Canadian Sundance Channel, next week.

Sundance Channel
9 January, 2013
Rated: mature audience

Steven’s role in the film is quite small (you see most of it in the trailer); however, don’t let that dissuade you from seeing this memorable film.

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