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The doors to Charley’s Aunt at the Menier Chocolate Factory have been officially thrown open after press night on 1 October. Steven Pacey shines again in the reviews!

The photographers were there to capture the cast at their first night party.

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Dan Wooler, at What’s On Stage

Dan Wooler, at What’s On Stage

Professional Reviews

The finest of the oldies’ performances, though, is from Steven Pacey as the aunt’s old flame Sir Francis Chesney. Far from being crusty, Pacey’s Sir Francis is as jovial and animated as a middle-aged Bertie Wooster, appropriately enough for an actor who played that role …

Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

There is strong support, too … from Steven Pacey as a frisky old soldier with ramrod back and waxed moustache.

Michael Billington, The Guardian

Steven Pacey’s wonderfully crisp and practical Sir Francis Chesney …

Mark Shenton, The Stage

Steven Pacey is spot-on as a crusty old colonel in desperate search of a rich wife and “a rattling good spanking brandy and soda”.

Charles Spencer, The Telegraph

… although it may be invidious to pick one other individual out for special mention, there is marvellous scene stealing by Steven Pacey as Francis Chesney, who approaches courtship of Charley’s Aunt as a military operation, steeling himself to make the ultimate sacrifice to secure his son’s future.

David Balcombe, One Stop Arts

… enjoyable support comes from Steven Pacey and Jane Asher, whose amorous entanglement is a grown-up version of the younger characters’ fragile intrigue.

Henry Hitchings, London Evening Standard

Steven Pacey, all military bluster as Jack’s father, surpasses [the passe poshness only found onstage] to manage genuine laughs.

Matt Trueman, What’s On Stage
1 October One Stop Arts David Balcombe *****
2 October The Telegraph Charles Spencer ****
2 October Financial Times Ian Shuttleworth ***
2 October The Independent Emily Jupp ***
2 October London Evening Standard Henry Hitchings ****
2 October The Guardian Michael Billington ***
2 October The Stage Mark Shenton not rated
2 October What’s On Stage Matt Trueman **
2 October Huffington Post Matthew Tucker ***
2 October The Times Libby Purvis ****

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“Stand-out performance was Steven Pacey. He was funny, sweet and believable as father of one of the young suitors.”

Jonathan Green, overyourhead BLOG
1 October overyourhead BLOG Jonathan Green not rated
30 September What’s On Stage Reader Reviews Sandra B *****

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