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Steven Pacey works marvels as Jack’s father with some great comic touches …

Edward Lukes, The London Magazine

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2 October The London Magazine Edward Lukes not rated

Photo from Charley's Aunt Program

Rehearsal Photo, uncredited, probably from Charley’s Aunt program.
The Real Chrisparkle

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Steven Pacey makes a strong impact as Sir Francis, full of vitality and spark, absolutely the old Indian Colonel and really relishing his lines. “That’s not the way an old soldier makes love” brought the house down.

The Real Chrisparkle

Much more animated is a superb and deadpan Steven Pacey, who does wonders as Chesney’s well-adjusted father. Willing to marry the fake Charley’s Aunt in order to restore the family’s finances, Pacey’s elder Chesney pauses to think about the prospect of consummation, a thought that sends his body into a convulsion of revulsion. It’s the kind of performance that you just wouldn’t get in an amateur dramatics performance.

John Nathan, Theatre News Online
7 October A Younger Theatre Lucy Cave not rated
7 October The Real Chrisparkle not rated
undated Theatre News Online John Nathan not rated
undated TheatreGuideLondon Gerald Berkowitz not rated

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