Abercrombie Books Re-published

At last! The news for which Joe Abercrombie fans have been waiting! The re-published versions of Best Served Cold and The Heroes, featuring Steven Pacey’s superb narration …

Best Served Cold

The Heroes

Unfortunately, due to rights issues, these are only available in the UK. The previous versions, narrated by Michael Page, are the only editions available in the US.

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  • Isaac says:

    Just had to come to your website and write I note letting you know what an awesome job you did narrating the first law trilogy – really it’s the best i’ve ever heard – you gave such amazing life to the characters!

    Then I saw this post…

    EPIC! I must say that I was quite devastated when I discovered that someone else had narrated the two standalone books. It’s a wonderful surprise to now learn that you did as well! Gotta find a way to import them to the states, thanks a bunch and please keep up the awesome work!!

    God bless!