Pie in the Sky Repeat on ITV3 in UK

Steven Pacey’s episode of Pie in the Sky, Breaking Bread, is being broadcast again:

Monday, 5 December

About Pie in the Sky:
Henry Crabbe (Richard Griffiths) is a Detective Inspector who gets shot in the line of duty. His plans to retire and open a restuarant, Pie in the Sky are foiled by his boss, Assistant Chief Constable Freddy Fisher (played by Malcolm Sinclair, with whom Steven Pacey worked in By Jeeves) to keep his ‘brains’ on the force.

Summary adapted from IMDb

This episode:
To save money Fisher turns over the police catering to a mass production company. Henry investigates after several acts of sabotage against the firm.

Steven plays a less-than-savory character in this episode. Originally braodcast in 1996.

From IMDb

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