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On August 4, Alex Shadbad, from WTVO Channel 17 News, talked to Steven Pacey about the amazing reception Peter Pan has recieved in Chicago, its startling CGI flying effects, and the joy of playing ‘the villian’.

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WTVO Channel 17 News
August 4, 2011,
Verbatim Transcript

Alex: The story of Peter Pan is dazzling fans on Broadway in Chicago. Earlier in this week, one of the actors in the show stopped by our studio. Joining me, now, is Steven Pacey, who plays Captain Hook on Broadway in Chicago’s Peter Pan. Tell me about this production of Peter Pan and what sets sets it apart.

Steven: Well, it’s a very special production of Peter Pan. Peter Pan is an extraordinary story; and, it certainly was my favourite as a child, and I know it’s a heck of a lot of other people’s favourite, as well.
But, this production is particularly exciting because, we have a 360 degree CGI screen, so when Peter Pan flies, when Tinkerbell flies, you actually feel as if you’re flying with them. It’s quite extraordinary. Because I joined the company after it had already started, I had a chance to actually see it myself and I was transported. It really is the most amazing feeling, to actually … because the screens are all around you, and suddenly you’re hovering over London with the … children, the Darling children and Peter Pan and it’s fantastic. It’s the most exciting thing.
We’ve got puppetry, you know, Nana the dog is there, the crocodile. It’s a fairly epic production. Yeah, it’s pretty exciting.

Alex: And you play Captain Hook. Tell me about your character.

Steven: I do. I do. Well, I always told my agent I’d give my right arm to be in this show, and I had to in the end; that’s the way it went. But it’s fantastic; it’s great.
The children probably hate me; but, I really enjoy them hating me, because it’s great to play a villain. I’ve played lots of nice guys in the past, and I’d give them all up for this one. It’s fantastic.

Alex: So you’ve always been interested in playing the bad guy.

Steven: Yeah. Absolutely. It’s much more fun. Yeah. Who wants to be a hero?

Alex: The production runs until August 21st. For more information on tickets and show-times head to our website:

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