Gray Matter – Press Release

In a press release announces that in the beginning of October 2009 the voice recordings for the upcoming Jane Jensen adventure game Gray Matter were completed. The recordings were produced by Heavy Entertainment, in their award-winning studios located in Soho, London.

Jane Jensen herself supervised all of the English voice recordings, which were directed by Lorelei King, one of the most successful and accomplished American actresses working in the UK today. She appeared in numerous films from Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘The Saint,’ to British independent films and TV shows.

Publisher dtp entertainment managed to gather a number of popular voice talents for Gray Matter, including Steven Pacey.

Steven’s character, neurobiologist Dr. David Styles, is the main male character in the game. Ever since losing his wife in a terrible car accident many years ago, Dr. Styles has become a recluse, leaving his English mansion Dread Hill House only on rare occasions.

Gray Matter will be the first new title by the famous adventure author since the release of Gabriel Knight 3. Staying true to the Jensen-style, the story interweaves gruesome incidences and supernatural events.

One day student and street artist Samantha Everett shows up on Dr. Styles’ door step unexpectedly, at a time he just happens to be looking for a new assistant. Sam gets the job. Originally from America, she has been travelling Europe for the last few years, so she could really use the money. Her first assignment involves finding six volunteers for an experiment planned by Dr. Styles at Oxford University.

The experiment begins harmless enough, but soon strange things start happening. Styles is visited by his beloved, but deceased wife. Now it is up to Sam to solve the mysteries of Dread Hill House.

In Gray Matter, the player takes control of Dr. David Styles as well as Samantha Everett as they are trying to unveil secrets and find the truth.

dtp entertainment will release Gray Matter worldwide in March 2010.

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