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Spamalot – Even More Birmingham Reviews

Steven Pacey sparkles as King Arthur. Paul Marston, Coventry Telegraph Photo: Coventry Telegraph, uncredited DATE SOURCE REVIEWER STAR RATING 28 March Birmingham Coventry Telegraph Paul Marston **** 28 March Birmingham The Birmingham Press Terry Wills not rated 31 March Birmingham Behind the Arras Roger Clarke ****

Spamalot – More Birmingham Reviews

A great new photo of the cast of Spamalot! Photo: Express & Star, uncredited DATE SOURCE REVIEWER STAR RATING 27 March Birmingham Express & Star David Lumb not rated

Spamalot – Birmingham Reviews

Spamalot opened in Birmingham this week. Steven Pacey as Arthur has a fine singing voice and stage presence. Selwyn Knight, The Public Reviews DATE SOURCE REVIEWER STAR RATING 27 March Birmingham The Public Reviews Selwyn Knight **** 1/2

Spamalot – Interview with Steven Pacey

Marion McMullen of the Coventry Telegraph interviewed Steven about his role in Spamalot and connection to Warwickshire at the end of last week (click on the link): “Leamington’s Steven Pacey is New King of Spamalot” Steven Pacey as King Arthur Photo: Coventry Telegraph, uncredited Marion McMullen Coventry Telegraph Mar 23 2012 Verbatim Transcript “Leamington’s Steven […]

Spamalot – Edinburgh Reviews

Spamalot impresses in Edinburgh this week. Steven Pacey’s lead turn as Arthur carries things along with fine voice and comedic touch. Bruce Blacklaw, Edinburgh Evening News Steven Pacey as King Arthur covers all aspects of the role, commanding at times but mainly chief source of amusement with special mention for the stage fight scenes. George […]

Spamalot – More Glasgow Reviews

More glowing reviews for Spamalot in Glasgow. Steven Pacey is, perhaps, surprisingly cast as King Arthur; being a ‘proper actor’. His plausible delivery, though, was the perfect antithesis for the bizarre caricatures of the supporting cast. His timing was impeccable, particularly in the quick-fire scene where he meets Dennis Galahad (Jon Robyns) for the first […]

Spamalot Reviews – Glasgow

Spamalot is in Scotland for the next few weeks. Steven Pacey captures the essence of the King perfectly. (Lisa Davidson,Backstage Pass) Steven Pacey makes for a fine buffoonish King Arthur. His heartfelt number I’m All Alone, despite the entire cast thronging the stage is a hoot. (Alan Chadwick,STV) Stephen [sic] Pacey was glorious as King […]

Spamalot Reviews – York and Stoke-on-Trent

Some more reviews for Spamalot. Steven Pacey … excelling as the straightman to the infectious silliness of both characters and plot. Jane Catterall, The Yorker DATE SOURCE REVIEWER STAR RATING 29 February Stoke-on-Trent This is Staffordshire; The Sentinel Kelly Edington not rated 1 March York The Yorker Jane Catterall not rated 1 March York Nouse […]

Spamalot Reviews – Grimsby and York

Reviews are starting to flow in for Spamalot. One of our website subscribers was present for the Thursday performance at the Grand Opera House in York. Steven received a well-deserved and heart-felt standing ovation! Arthur (Steven Pacey) is a joy to watch, every emotion plays on his face; his singing voice is fantastic and carries […]

Spamalot in York

Bonnie Langford, Steven Pacey and Todd Carty in Spamalot. Photograph from The York Press, uncredited. The first photograph of Steven Pacey as King Arthur from a short article in The York Press promoting Spamalot’s arrival in York. The piece quotes an interview from Bonnnie Langford.