Jew of Malta Reviews

The Jew of Malta is receiving glowing reviews!

The play examines issues of racism, misuse of power, hypocrisy and religion. It prompted Charles Nicholl of The Guardian to pen The Jew of Malta – antisemitic or a satire on antisemitism?. You decide.

Also interesting: an interview with Jasper Britton, who plays Barabas.


Professional Reviews

“already there is good work from Steven Pacey as the virulently antisemitic Maltese governor”

Michael Billington, The Guardian

“double-dealing antics of the governor Ferneze himself, played with a wonderful dash and smarmy brio by Steven Pacey”

Michael Coveney, What’s On Stage

“Steven Pacey’s resolute and commanding Governor Ferneze”

Alan Wallcroft, Broomsgrove Advertiser

“Steven Pacey’s flinty governor”

Colin Davison, Gloucestershire Echo

“a steely, rasping Steven Pacey”

Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph
April 2015 British Theatre Guide Philip Fisher not rated
5 April 2015 The Guardian Susannah Clapp ****
5 April 2015 The Sunday Times
(by subscription only)
Jane Edwardes and Maxie Szalwinska not rated
2 April 2015 Morning Star Gordon Parsons ***
2 April 2015 Times Higher Education Peter J Smith not rated
31 March 2015 Gloucestershire Echo Colin Davison ****
30 March 2015 The Times
(by subscription only)
Dominic Maxwell ****
29 March 2015 Broomsgrove Advertiser Alan Wallcroft not rated
28 March 2015 The Guardian Michael Billington ***
27 March 2015 The Telegraph Dominic Cavendish ****
27 March 2015 Financial Times Ian Shttleworth ****
27 March 2015 Express and Star not rated
27 March 2015 theatreCat BLOG Libby Purves ****
27 March 2015 The Stage Heather Neill ***
27 March 2015 Birmingham Post Richard Edmonds *****
27 March 2015 The Evening Standard Fiona Mountford ****
27 March 2015 What’s On Stage Michael Coveney ****
27 March 2015 Daily Mail Quentin Letts ****
24 March 2015 The Stratford Observer Sarah Judkins not rated

Amateur Reviews

“a fine performance from Steven Pacey”

Guy Thornton, Stratford-upon-Avon Theatre

“Steven Pacey’s Ferneze displays a recognisable statesman-like duplicity, as he schemes both with and against Barabas to defend his nation”

Jonathan Baz, Jonathan Baz Reviews
April 2015 Jewish Renaissance BLOG Judi Herman not rated
1 April 2015 Peter Viney’s BLOG Peter Viney not rated
31 March 2015 Jonathan Baz Reviews Jonathan Baz ****
29 March 2015 Reviews Gate Alexander Ray Edser not rated
28 March 2015 The Public Reviews James Garrington ****1/2
27 March 2015 Elliott Wallis ***
27 March 2015 Kirkville BLOG Kirk McElhearn not rated
20 March 2015 Stratford-upon-Avon Theatre Guy Thornton not rated

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