Full Casting for Relative Values Announced

Full casting was announced today for the Theatre Royal Bath’s production of Noel Coward’s Relative Values, including Steven Pacey’s involvement.

Steven will play Peter Ingleton, the Countess of Marshwood’s witty and sophisticated nephew.

In play text, Peter Ingleton is introduced early in Act I, and is described as “anywhere between thirty-five and fifty. He is impeccably dressed and has a quizzical gleam in his eye.”

Relative Values, A Light Comedy in Three Acts by Noel Coward,
Heinemann, London, 1952, page 8.

Colin Firth played the role on film in 2000, and described the character as, “Peter basically spends his time hanging around the place. He’s a harmless mischief-maker who enjoys the crisis that’s unfolding and he treats it all as a bit of a game.”

Colin Firth, 23 August, 2000. Reference.

Peter Ingleton’s voyeur-like role is thought by some to be based on the character of Noel Coward.


For additional information, you may download the Theatre Royal Bath June 2013 to February 2014 Brochure.

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