Tarrant Waistcoat

Steven’s Blake’s Seven fans take note! For the serious collector, we have the answer to your dreams: an original waistcoat matching one of Tarrant’s Series 4 flightsuits is for sale!

Here is the description at the PropMasters Website:

“A superbly made Waistcoat which was to be a compliment/addition to the same style Flightsuit signature costume worn by Steven Pacey as ‘Tarrant’. The Waistcoat has previously been retained with the Flightsuit as part of the David Oliver Collection since it was first obtained directly from the BBC in the early 1990’s.  The Waistcoat is of an identical style and manufacture to the Flightsuit but was ultimately not screen used. It is understood that companion waistcoats were made for each of the key hero character Flightsuits used in season four of the cult classic science fiction television series but ultimately unused. This, however, is the only known surviving example.”

The waistcoat is a mere £995!

Images and quote from PropMasters Website.

Update: The waistcoat is now safely in the hands of a private collector, one of the subscribers to this website!

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